Erik has a life-long experience training and participating in extreme sports. He has worked with global broadcasters and production companies – stunt testing for international broadcasts of the Ninja Warrior franchise. He is an experienced Obstacle Course Racer, and constantly works to hone his skills in the discipline of Parkour/Freerunning. His expertise as a professional athlete opened up doors toward building and testing official Ninja Warrior courses all around the world. As the Baton Athlete Manager, he is now a part of the team that develops cutting-edge, training techniques for the adrenalin-filled, super sport race event, which will pave the way for a new breed of athletes all around the world. Currently living in Sweden, he is a serial entrepreneur whose background is engineering in Computer and Electrical Science. "


Albin och Albin har tränat parkour sen de var små och har varit hos Aktiv Ungdom ett par år.

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